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Small round pipe mill series

Writer:ZTZGNumber of visits: Date:2016-5-19
The small round tube making machine series of Zhongtai Company are mainly designed and developed to meet the demand of customers for producing small thin-walled zinc-plating, plain carbon steel and stainless steel round tubes.
Features of small round tube making machine: high precision, high speed and high stability.
Process of small round tube making machine: general roll forming process
The main models include:
ERW32 unit series: tube diameter: 10-32mm; wall thickness: 0.8-1.5mm
ERW50 unit series: tube diameter: 20-50mm; wall thickness: 0.8-3.0mm
ERW60 unit series: tube diameter: 25-60mm; wall thickness: 0.8-3.25mm
ERW76 unit series: tube diameter: 33-76mm; wall thickness: 1.5-4.0mm
In 2015, the “direct molding production process with automatic online mold adjustment” of Zhongtai was successfully developed, which, again, creates a new stage of China’s welded pipe industry! In the future we will go higher and farther. Let us wait and see!
Serve the country and assume the responsibility for the world! Zhongtai will continue adhere to the core value of “innovation” and the spirit of “rigorous, pragmatic and progressive”, keep climbing toward the dream of Everest, and become a leading, competent value-creating and world-class enterprise.
Zhongtai - focuses on welded pipe equipment for 20 years and leads you to the wealth of the future!

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