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pipe making machine, tube millfgfd

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pipe making machine, tube millfgfd

Pipe machine is mainly divided into two in: one is a common high-frequency welded pipe machine, the other is a stainless steel pipe, high-frequency welded pipe machine is mainly used in the production of various iron pipes, water pipes and so on; and stainless steel pipe machine is mainly used for the production of stainless steel decorative tube, such as: stair handrail pipe, anti-theft doors and windows with pipes, stair handrail pipe, rails, etc., can also produce a variety of car exhaust pipes, heat exchanger tubes fluid pipe, food pipe.


After unwinding, forming, welding, grinding, sizing, alignment, length and cutting production process is formed. Since the stainless steel welded pipe forming, welding technology is mature, it has been replaced in many areas seamless. Anti-theft doors and windows, stair railing, drinking water pipes, food sanitation tubes, automobile exhaust pipe, muffler tail pipe, heat exchanger tubes, petrochemical pipelines, ship management and so on.

ln 2000, Shijiazhuang Zhongtai Pipe Technology Development Co., Ltd. was officially founded. For 15 years it devotes itself to the industry and for 15 years it takes the lead in innovation. The company Zhongtai has always maintained its position as the pacesetter in China’s welded pipe equipment industry. It is the largest, the most competitive, innovative and influential enterprise in China’s welded pipe equipment industry.
In 2003, Zhongtai won the bid LW1200, LW800, lw500 of Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Co., Ltd. It develops China’s first welded pipe equipment that can be simultaneously compatible with the round pipe, rectangular pipe, cold-formed steel products. Since then, the business of the company has branched out. Successively, it wins more than 100 domestic and overseas production lines of the large-scale cold-formed and longitudinal welded pipes, creating a new era of the domestic cold-formed and welded pipe equipment!
In 2015, the “direct molding production process with automatic online mold adjustment” of Zhongtai was successfully developed, which, again, creates a new stage of China’s welded pipe industry! In the future we will go higher and farther. Let us wait and see!
Serve the country and assume the responsibility for the world! Zhongtai will continue adhere to the core value of “innovation” and the spirit of “rigorous, pragmatic and progressive”, keep climbing toward the dream of Everest, and become a leading, competent value-creating and world-class enterprise.
Zhongtai - focuses on welded pipe equipment for 20 years and leads you to the wealth of the future!

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