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The medium and small round tube mill series of Zhongtai Company are mainly designed and developed to meet the demand of customers for producing architectural structure tubes (Q235 material) less than 8mm, low-pressure liquid tubes, coal transmission belt tubes, drive shaft tubes, guardrail tubes and other products.
Features of the series equipment: high precision, high roll-exchange speed, die saving. According to the strip steel material and the mechanical properties, the tube is designed to proper hole-pattern type, to minimize the scratches by the roll on the strip steel surface and reasonably allocate the drive speed ratio, reduce the wear of the drive inside the unit, and save electricity.
Process of the series equipment: general roll forming process and ZTF forming process.
The main models include:
ERW89 Unit Series
ERW114 Unit Series
ERW165 Unit Series
ERW219 Unit Series
Star Products:
ERW89 units are designed for 48X3.5mm rack tube products, and the speed can reaches 120m/min.
ERW219 units are designed for structural tubes, and die sharing in the rough forming stage can be achieved by adopting ZTF forming process, so as to save dies for users by 80%.

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