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Slitting line /steel slitting machine is mainly used to slit kinds of wide steel strip into certain width and then recoil them to meet the request of various procedure for welded pipe and cold rolled section steel production.
In other words, Zhongtai slitting line is designed to manufacture different width of steel strips,such as carbon steel coil,low alloy steel coil and stainless steel coil,etc. which are primarily used in pipe production.Produced pipes are used in metallurgy, construction, tramsportation,machinery and vehicle industries.
Technical specifications


Zhongtai is a specialized slitting line manufacturer and supplier in China.Thanks to our continued focus on product quality and customer service,we have recevied the ISO9001:2008 certificate.Located in Shijiazhuang City,we have access to convenient transportation.This facilitates the production and shipping of our products and allows us to provide them at lower price.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our products,whether ERW pipe making machine,or stainless steel pipe making machine.

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