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Stainless steel pipe making machine is designed for manufacturing stainless steel straight welded pipe for metallurgy,construction,transportation,machinery and vehicle industries.To be specific,the stainless steel pipe production line can produce round pipe,Square and rectangular tube,as well as section steels throuch cole rolled forming and high frequency welding technology.
This pipe making machine adopts long steel strip as the material to manufactuer steel pipes according to requested size by cold rolled forming and argon arc welding method.

Techincal specifications

Model Specifications(mm) Thickness
Mill Installed
Line Area(m)-
Circular Rectangular&Square
SS20 φ8-φ20 10mm×10mm-15mm×15mm 0.5-1.5 50KW 40m*3.8m
SS32 φ10-φ32 10mm×10mm-25mm×25mm 0.3-2.0 50KW 45m*4m
SS50 φ20-φ50 15mm×15mm-40mm×40mm 0.8-3.0 65KW 50m*4m
SS76 φ32-φ76 25mm×25mm-60mm×60mm 1.2-4.0 120KW 70m*5m
SS89 φ42-φ89 25mm×25mm-70mm×70mm 1.5-4.5 150KW 72m*5.5m
SS114 φ48-φ114 40mm×40mm-90mm×90mm 1.5-4.5 160KW 78m*6m
SS140 φ60-φ140 50mm×50mm-110mm×110mm 2-5 180KW 80m*6.5m
SS165 φ76-φ165 60mm×60mm-130mm×130mm 2-6 220KW 85m*7m
SS219 φ89-φ219 70mm×70mm-170mm×170mm 2-8 280KW 100m*9m
SS273 φ114-φ273 90mm×90mm-210mm×210mm 3-10 350KW 120m*10m
SS325 φ140-φ325 90mm×90mm-250mm×250mm 4-12.7 430KW 130m*11m
SS377 φ165-φ377 130mm×130mm-280mm×280mm 4-14 580KW 145m*13m
SS406 φ219-φ406 170mm×170mm-330mm×330mm 6-16 880KW 160m*16m
SS508 φ273-φ508 210mm×210mm-400mm×400mm 6-18 1000KW 300m*30m
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