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ERW 406 Mill Line

I.Brief introduction

ERW406 high frequency longitudinal welded  APl Pipe machineis designed to produce welded pipes of 219mm-406mm in OD and 6.0mm-16.0mm in wall thickness.

II. Basic Technical Information:

1.Specification of pipes

Pipe OD: 219mm-406mm                  Thickness: 6.0mm-16.0mm

Square & rectangle tube: 170mm×170mm – 330mm×330mm, Thickness: 6.0mm-15.0mm

Length: 6 -12m                         Length Tolerance:±3mm

2.Raw Material:

Material:  Carbon steel coil

Width: 520mm-1340mm                 Thickness: 6.0mm-16.0mm

Coil ID:580-760mm

Coil OD: Max 2300mm

Coil Weight: 35t

3. Tube mill

Production Speed : 30 m/min

Production capacity: 180,000ton/year

Direction : left or right decided by customers.

Mill installed capacity : 880 kw

Line Area : 160m(length) ×16m (width)

Tube Bottom Passline (Above floor level) : 1000mm

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